Swedish/Medicinal/Sport massage

This oily massage is a great treatment for releasing tension in the muscles and improve the range of joint mobility.

But it has physiological effects on the whole body. Not only muscles will be relaxed, it calms your nervous sytem, your soul already have the time to get ease and rest. Your skin works as a large surface of reflex zones so it invigorates the healthy function of your internal organs. It stimulates the circulatory system, improve metabolism, relieves pain, release stress, it calms You.

As we use oils and cremes, You should note if You have any sensitivity or allergy to any materials.

This type of massage is for You:

  • If You suffer from tensed or sore muscles
  • If You have a stressful life
  • If You have an after-workout muscle fever
  • If You have usually headache
  • If You feel yourself exhausted
  • If You are an athlete (to improve performance or regeneration)

Traditional thai massage:

The masseur use pressure and also moves and stretches patient’s body. It is called sometime “passive yoga”. I supports body’s natural self-healing intelligence, helps restore your energy system. This is a work on the muscles while stimulating body meridians, so that You can feel yourself relaxed, light, energized after the treatment.

This type of massage is for You:

  • If You want to enjoy the benefit of a massage and passive stretching
  • If You would like a type of more intensive massage
  • If You prefer on-clothes massage
  • If You want to get rid of daily stress and want quickly recovered after a hard day
  • If your muscles tension is strongly related to you stress level
  • If You suffer from chronic exhaustion and insomnia


Contraindications and cases when You have to consult with your doctor first:

  • Any type of cancer
  • If You are pregnant
  • Any type of infective disease
  • If You have fever or any inflammation
  • Untreated hypertonia
  • Tendency to thrombosis
  • Gout
  • Discus hernia
  • After consuming alcohol


Technical information:

You can book an appointment on  +36 20 458 6311.

If You book a thai massage, your dress should be a comfortable, light suit.

Any kind of health issue must be noted when booking appointment.

Please bring with You any important diagnose of your physician.

Please take serious the above mentioned contraindications.

Szabina Sinkovits certified medicinal and sport massage therapist, Swedish masseur, traditional thai masseur.