Yoga - My method and class types

Marketing rules would require to label my method and define the exact style of my classes. Sometimes I made an attempt to this but none of the popular yoga-styles fits fully the way we work in the classes. I use many techniques of different styles but nothing exlusively. I use an essence of the knowledge and experiences of the last 15 years including teacher trainings, workshops, my own daily practice, all experiences and edification by teaching yoga, giving massage, learning from masters, from yoga mates, yoga students and friends.

One of my most important standpoints is choosing always for You the most suitable type of class in accordance with your health state and goals. You should start your practice always where You are. It hardly can be described how many type of body, health or spiritual condition steps over the threshold of the yoga-room. That’s why personalized and various techniques are used as much as possible.

Let’s see what class types You can choose from and what may happen in the classes:

1. Group classes:

Usually 60-90 minutes sessions in the form of thematic courses (8-10 sessions)or drop-in classes. Consistent practice is a keypoint in your progression. Practice always depends on the actual group composition and theme we work on (for example beginner, advance, strengthening, stretching, stress releasing, relaxing, balancing, dynamic, working on a special health issue or a combination of these).

We often use props to maximalize the effectiveness of the poses depending on your actual condition.

There is always space for feedbacks and questions so that You will never feel to be left alone during the challenges of a pose.

In general, classes start with tuning in, warming ups then we start work on the given theme of the class with an adequate sequence. In the last part of the session we do pranayama breathing techniques, meditation or deep relaxation. Beside this there is often time for talking, tasks and tests for improving self-awareness and self-understanding in order to lead positive changes in your life.

2. Private yoga (personal yoga) with a therapeutic approach and complex lifestyle-support program:

Private sessions and lifestyle program are highly placed in my schedule. They target a complex renewal based on your goal setting. These classes are completely personalized for one or two persons and start always with an “assessment” of your general health state, fitness level. Then in accordance with your personal physical, mental and spiritual goals we set your program together. Your goals may be varied, for example building up strength, creating flexibility, improving performance or concentration, increasing energy level, loosing weight, quicker rehabilitation, inner peace and harmony, balanced lifestyle, healthy diet, better sleep, self-awareness, sel-fulfilment, dissolving some deadlocks in your life etc.

3. Yoga for athletes (on demand)

This class is for individuals or small groups and it is built up as a special crosstraining focusing on your sport. We work on sport related imbalances of your musculoskeletal system by strengthening and stretching different part of your body. You learn restorative techniques, relaxation, self-massage and mental training.

4. Guided deep relaxation and meditation  (on demand)

45-60 minutes sessions, where after some preparation we enter a very relaxing and healing physical and mental state. During this guided process we use our visualization and breathing techniques as well. The benefits of this work in a meditative and relaxed state is invaluable whether it is insomnia, dealing with stress, boosting our body’s healing intelligence, depression, achieving goals or balancing our emotions.

Class rules:

Dressing: comfortable clothing

Eating-drinking: Don’t eat 2 hours and don’t drink 15-20 minutes before the class. It may cause sickness or other discomfort during your practice.

Your medical history: Before the first visiting, please fill this form. It is required in your own interest. There are cases and health conditions when certain poses are contraindicated or have to be modified. Filling this form is for you safe and effective practice.